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We help fund the building of libraries...

The people who make these artisanal agave spirits are incredibly long-sighted. They use antiquated, inefficient fermentation and distillation systems and the results they achieve are unlike anything else on earth. While the rest of the world was turning to technology to expedite the process of making spirits, these families continued to rely on their five senses. As a result, the children growing up in these families have a unique sensibility.

We believe those unique sensibilities could help solve some of the challenges we face: climate change, cancer, hunger. But absent the ability to communicate their ideas, and the confidence to believe in themselves, those solutions will never be heard by the larger world. So we're putting money into building libraries. The first of these libraries was Biblioteca el Rosario in Santa Catarina Minas.

Graciela Angeles of Mezcal Real Minero and Jacobo Marquez of Sabra Dios led the charge to get this library built. We helped raise funds to support the build-out. To the left you'll see a link to a CNN story about the library.

Our funding campaign for Biblioteca el Rosario is complete, as of May 2017, and we will soon begin funding SiKanda, a Mexican nonprofit that builds environmentally friendly libraries in the highly marginalized communities that have developed around Oaxaca's trash dumps.

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